All good things must come to an end. Thanks for following the blog! It’s been a blast.



Total distance travelled: 7,000 nm in 4 months (13,000 km)
Fastest speed: 11 kt, surfing up to 14 kt
Fuel consumed: 100 L gasoline, 30 lbs propane
Worst day: 26 nm
Best day: 215 nm

Age of sails: 20-30 years
Age of rigging: 40 years
Recommended replacement time of sails and rigging: 10 years

2,317 pictures taken
26 GB of video footage
32,179 blog page views
Farthest email sent over radio: 6,000 km

Midnight to 4am shifts: 60

Fish caught: 1 barracuda, 2 skipjack tuna, 3 mahi-mahi (dorado)
Coconuts eaten: 40
Peanut butter consumed: 10 litres

Indubitably a good time.


11 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Thanks Deg for letting us tune in on your Voyage! Hip hip hooray for PIGGY! Jim & Birgit PS….oh ya,hooray for the Crew too 😄


  2. Thank you all soooooo much for faithfully sharing your journey! I’ve loved the comments, videos etc. Deg – I hope you keep writing in some capacity; you clearly have a gift for it. I shall miss you all! Jan ~

  3. Thank’s loads for your your entertaining blogs i suppose i will have to lean over the fence and
    talk to Marion to keep track of you guys now ! Hi to Tom & Marchene Good Luck with what
    comes next !! Don & Dorothy

  4. Degnan you did truly a magnificent job of keeping us, your devoted fans, in touch with youze – you guys are amazing and I take my hat off to you three, and to you Degnan, congratulations for being such an excellent writer – I hope you keep writing about whatever you are doing and I look forward to reading you again. Big hugs to you all.

  5. Really glad you did it. I’ve really enjoyed following I miss you all hope to see you again Ken ireland

  6. What an adventure! Thank you for taking us along.

    Dave & Terry Mackey (Alexine”s Sister & Brother in Law)

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