Hi everyone, just a quick note while we are in the middle of no-internet-land, thank you all very much for the comments and notes. It is a highlight to read every one of them on the boat.

We are especially grateful to all the predeparture support from family and friends and especially the folks at the Ladysmith Maritime Society and in Dogpatch.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. We both are following your trip ,amazed that Piggy sails on,a tribute to the builders who of course followed the plans ( this time 😜) ,making the build simple and successful,good ol west system epoxy and douglas fir exterior ply eh?Impressive ,Tom you are a great mentor to us fellow senior voyagers & would be voyager builders…….Jim ,in the snow flakes of Hamilton or is that Stelco flakes…..sighhhhh

  2. We (Robbie and Mary) think of you often. Robbie’s painting interiors and berth flats, and we’re dreaming of our own voyages as we look at your position reports. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration! We’ll be opening Tom’s “launch day” present yet!

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